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Mountain biking and motorcycling

Mount up and switch off. Whether on your own, as a couple or in a group...biking is fun and at the same time takes you away from the usual everyday stress.

Thanks to its scenic diversity, the Sauerland is ideal for cyclists. For mountain bikers, racing cyclists, trekking cyclists and occasional cyclists, the Bike Arena Sauerland opens up this landscape with currently 44 tours with a total length of around 1700 km. Especially there, where 150 excellent routes connect many towns, an endless riding pleasure arises through the beautiful Sauerland. The Winterberg area with the Kahler Asten forms the centre of the cycle path network.

But the Sauerland is also a real paradise for motorcyclists with its serpentine roads, narrow valleys and challenging steep stretches.

Discover the Rothaargebirge. Every year countless people go walking or hiking in the Rothaargebirge, yet there are many people who do not yet know this magnificent landscape. The Rothaargebirge is located in North Rhine-Westphalia and Hesse. At its highest point, the Langenberg, it is 843 meters high. It has a total area of 2250 square kilometres, which offers some attractions such as the sculpture trail and the bison wilderness enclosure.

Several rivers rise in or flow through the Rothaargebirge - the Ruhr, Eder, Lahn and Diemel. A hiking trail called the Rothaarsteig runs along the mountains.

As a bike-friendly business, we are of course well prepared for your needs: In addition to a cleaning room, we store your bike safely in a lockable garage. We are also happy to take care of the cleaning of your clothes.

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